The experience of a moment


« Nature’s intimacy before our eyes, summits of flavor,  sweetness of a moment! »

Paleona re-explores gastronomy with its exceptional spices from ancestral tribes. These elements come together in harmony revealing their most precious secrets. 

On this page we present our private dinner service. If you are looking for a catering service, click here

the pleasure
of a unique
  • «Secrets Divins»

Spring roll of lobster julienne mango, green papaya sprinkled with french caviar.

  • «Expression marine»

Salmon tataki in a rice crust, pak choi with ginger infused with kaffir lime.

  • «Gaillarde Royale»

Steamed flour of crusty vegetables, coriander and sesame marinated with thai spices.

  • «Paradisier»

Choux french pastry with coco cream, mangosteen, topped with fresh raspberry.

Our dining  Experiences  are created and tailored only on reservation. Prices starting from 1140€, for two people.

Each plate is accompanied with its musical introduction, then gracefully the suggestions of “orders” by the chef will follow. 

Two or three hours will be the duration of your evening, according to the chosen options. 

«The Eternal Experience»

«The Present moment»

With the purpose of exceeding your expectations, we want to delight your present moment. Two musicians will offer you a feast of emotions.

A warm ambience will accompany you during these culinary voyage.

“Loving Earth of reunion, nature sublime”


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